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Be sure of your checks.

MICR Gauge

MICR check position gauge for uncut checks and rolls

This MICR measurement and layout gauge is a clear film overlay suitable to verify individual checks as well as sheets or rolls of uncut forms. See below for cut checks only and the slide-in gauge. Quickly and accurately measure :
MICR E13B Gauge targets the most recent standards :
ANSI X9.100-160-1-2009 and CPA600.

This precision tool lets you immediately spot what needs nudging or improvement with MICR printing. Precise placement and spacing of characters is essential to get reliable results with check processing.

Full instructions are provided to get the best result.

E13B MICR Gauge from

Making sure that a check meets banking standards is a required step when designing and printing MICR. This is the best desktop test equipment for MICR. The MICR E13B Gauge will provide absolute certainty that everything checks out before going to production.

Today's check processing is far more demanding than in the past. Banks now outright reject checks which are not within specifications, and often add rejection fees. Avoid these incidents by making sure your checks comply with ABA standards, U.S Check 21 Act and Canadian CPA006.

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Order the PDF file download and print it yourself on transparency film,
available from any local office supply.

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Cut Check Measurement gauge click here
A cut check measurement gauge is a a film attached on a plate, so you can slide the cut check into it.

MICR strip sample. Check printing is simple : copy the bottom of a pre-printed check !

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